lunes, 30 de julio de 2007

Installing VMWare Server on any Ubuntu

Here we are going to try to explain how to install VMWare Server on any Ubuntu, let's begin:

First of all you should download the software from here VMWare.
Also, register and get the serial now so you don't waste your time later. The registration page is this

Now we should begin with the installation:

wget [url_of_of_the_package_to_download]
tar xvzf [package_downloaded]
cd vmware-server-distrib

After the installation and as Debian Etch, Ubuntu Feisty, etc, have a new kernel we must path the software, because if we don't VMWare won't start. The patch is downloadable from here:

The you execute this commands, and you are all done:

tar xvzf vwmare-any-any-update108.tar.gz

cd vwmare-any-any-update108


That's it for VMWare Server, it shoud be functioning now, any question just ask.

Especial Thanks to this is their guide.

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