sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2007

It Begins Now!

I know that I already talked about my new (old) server using debian etch, etc, etc. Well, the thing about that server, is that it'll be the base for my next and more advanced development, a traffic controller with lots of tweaks to play around, I'm gonna start working on it in the next few days, I'm studying the subject now, and thinking how it's going to be done. Only one thing is for sure, it'll be great.

Later I'm going to let you know more about some of the things it'll have, I'm open for ideas, you have my e-mail in the profile so you can contact me for anything, ideas or questions about anything. One of the things I'm gonna tell you now, is that it'll be also a firewall and something more to combine both of them.

Hope you send me some ideas and suggestions for it, I'll be looking to all of them, ohh I almost forgot, the entire program is made on C and using some Linux tools. Thanks for everything, see you soon.

Next thing I'm gonna write about is how to configure Samba on Ubuntu.

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Matyas dijo...

¡Emi! Te actualizaste todo de golpe. Buena onda.
Che, una humilde opinión:
Dado que todo el mejor material y tutoriales están siempre en inglés, ¿por qué no aportas para la comunidad de habla hispana en vez de la gente del norte y del otro lado del charco?
Nothing else.

mat3o dijo...

Eso, hacele un FUCK YOURSELF! a la comunidad yankee