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Mp3Blaster, Console Player for Linux

This post occured to me, because I have a server running in my house, it's a pentium 100mhz with 49 Mb of ram, but I installed a 15 Gb hard disk in it. This server is running a Debian 4 (Etch) and right now, it's my torrent server, also my firewall and web server, lol. With this sever i had the idea to use it also as an alarm clock, I wanted to play music from a console at a determined time using cron (in Chelo's blog in my contacts, there is a guide for it), and with that idea in mind, i started looking for a decent mp3 player, and I got this one, and I think it's great.

Here is the guide to install it and more:

1º) Install using apt (piece of cake): $sudo apt-get install mp3blaster
2º)Configure it: here you are gonna have problem, because to create a playlist you must use f1 that's the help key for X. so you must rename the keys with:
sudo nano /usr/share/doc/mp3blaster/example/sample.mp3blasterrc

Once there look for #Key.SelectFiles = 1 and change that 1 for any key you like, also you should look for another "1" in the document, because there is another function that also needs f1 to work, so you must change it also.

3º) That's all use it so you get used to it, but once you know the keys, it's great.

For more info look in http://www.linux.com/articles/53095

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Anónimo dijo...

great idea, i have the same one, but I don't have my serve yet, just a detail.

I realized have a old pc with ubuntu server with a ssh server, samba, and mp3 blaster, ssh for remote control, samba for save files from windows and mp3B for to listen.

I just have to know better the buttons for a best handle of mp3blaster.